An introduction to how lay magistrates and district judges are selected and appointed

There are three types of criminal offence: Under current California law, all California judges must be licensed attorneys.

For example, the training of youth and family panel chairman will be delivered nationally where local numbers do not justify running a course at a local venue. Although they can no longer sit as magistrates, they are able to carry out minor administrative functions, the signing of official documents.

Youth courts are set apart from the adult courts and the procedures are adapted to meet the different needs of younger persons, for example by requiring the attendance of parents and ensuring that everything is explained in appropriate language.

In Leeds for example, committees have used the radio to invite potential candidates to attend their local magistrates' court open evening. Unlike judges in many of the higher courts, magistrates and district judges do not wear robes or wigs in the court room.

Difference Between Magistrates and Judges

The country is divided into local justice areas and magistrates are expected to either live or work within reasonable travelling distance of their court. In some jurisdictions a party convicted or found liable before a justice of the peace may have the right to a trial de novo before the judge of a higher court rather than an appeal strictly considered.

They were formerly known as U. Appointments are primarily under the control of a Judicial Appointments Commission. Weaknesses in the prosecution case, such as unreliable witness evidence, a lack of confessions or direct evidence against the defendant led to higher likelihood of acquittal.

Besides this, according to the provision of the section 5 of CrPC,; The Government may, if it thinks it expedient or necessary, appoint any persons employed in the Bangladesh Civil Service Administration to be an Executive Magistrate and confer the powers of an Executive Magistrate on any such member.

Historically voting was class based, but, it is argued, this is no longer the case. They must have regard for the views of others and a willingness to consider advice. All magistrates are carefully trained before sitting and continue to receive training throughout their service.

Six constables were appointed to each office, with powers of arrest. Legal adviser[ edit ] The issue of the legal qualifications of legal advisers has come under scrutiny in recent years. However, incalls for increased diversity among the judiciary were recognized and the qualification period was changed [32] [33] so that, as of 21 Julya potential deputy district judge can satisfy the judicial-appointment eligibility condition on a five-year basis.

A common-law judge, who occupies a position to which most members of the legal profession aspire, is not subject to outside supervision and inspection by any council of judges or by a minister of justice, nor is he liable to be transferred by such an official from court to court or from place to place.

The only administrative control over common-law judges is exercised by judicial colleagues, whose powers of management are generally slight, being limited to matters such as requiring periodic reports of pending cases and arranging for temporary and usually consensual transfers of judges between courts when factors such as illness or congested calendars require them.

Magistrate (England and Wales)

The magistrate is known to have powers more of an administrator, and most of them handle only minor offences. Six constables were appointed to each office, with powers of arrest.

The training is designed to develop all the knowledge and skills necessary required to become an effective and confident magistrate. Senate upon the death of George Washington: The interviewers also use the opportunity to explore the candidates' attitudes on various criminal justice issues such drink driving, juvenile crime or vandalism.though the recommended more use of professional judges.

and unlikely to happen.1)Professional judges Professional judges could either: OR In no other jurisdiction do lay judges alone or in panels deal with offences of the seriousness dealt with in the English and Welsh magistrates’ courts by.

For example, U.S. federal court judges must be nominated by the President of the United States and approved by the Senate and are appointed for life; magistrate judges are usually appointed by a panel in that jurisdiction and then serve fixed terms, to be renominated and once again approved by the panel and the judges in the district.


The new magistrates selected are issued with forty hours training, - How Lay Magistrates are Chosen and Appointed Lay magistrates, justices of the peace, are part-time and unpaid members of the public, who are chosen to serve in the magistrates court. The Selection Process of District Judges and Lay Magistrates Essay.

Unlike magistrates, District Judges (Magistrates' Courts) sit alone. They are appointed by open competition through a process administered by the JAC and are required to be qualified solicitors, barristers, or chartered legal executives.

Lay Magistrates and District Judges

without legal advisers when sitting with a District Judge. magistrates may be appointed to the Family Panel whose members sit in the Family Court. Once appointed, a magistrate is allocated to 6 The role of the magistracy magistrates’ reform before the General Election. The role. Magistrates are not District Judges.

Personally i find the derogatory remarks about family magistrates a little offensive - there are examples of poor practice on both sides of the fence. DJ's don't have to consult and their decisions are frequently more arbitary than those of a bench of three magistrates.

An introduction to how lay magistrates and district judges are selected and appointed
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